Monday, August 22, 2011


Taylor is a gorgeous long-haired, front-declawed, adult female beauty. She was named Taylor after Elizabeth Taylor, another glamorous lady. Fostermom Louise says "Taylor is a great companion for studying or working at home-she likes to curl up next to you while you work at the computer or read. She's a sweet cat who can be talkative, but doesn't persist if you're not interested. She likes being brushed and tunafish treats. Within an hour of settling in to her new digs, she had tried out every windowsill in the place. She would be happy to be someone's study companion, maybe occasionally broken by a visit from the supervillain on the premises, Mr Laser Pointer." Taylor was turned into AWL, and we decided to bring her to Hyde Park. Now she's spayed, vaccinated, and ready for her furrever home!

Thanks to Veronica W. for the scratcher and pan liners.

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