Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lily and Rosie

Lily and Rosie were named by two of our young volunteers after their former daycare playmates -- sister pairs all! Kitty Lily and Kitty Rosie are more than sisters' they're also friends and we require that they be adopted together. Rosie is a confident and self-sufficient tortie; Lily is a soft-spoken and sweet tiger. They're both cuddly, but Lily will lounge away an afternoon in your lap while her sister is busy hunting her toys.

We met Lily and Rosie at the December volunteer day at the Animal Welfare League. Two kittens in a cage in a room of kittens in cages, they caught my eye as a cute mismatched pair. They are about two months old, spayed and microchipped and tested (neg/neg). Interested parties must be prepared to prove to fosterkids that kittens will be going to a wonderful home.

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