Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Updates: Egypt and Veronica

We love updates from adopters and today we have lovely updates on two recent alumnas: Egypt and Veronica.

Egypt's back story. And her update: "She's doing fantastic and has really settled into her role as queen of the apartment. Whenever I read on my bed she hops up and makes herself comfortable on top of me and insists that I pay attention to her rather than the book I'm reading. She's also recently discovered that the 'magical' computer screen moves. I don't know why I bother buying her toys when she can spend hours batting at the mouse icon, or the automatically updating facebook news feed haha. She's such a sweetie and never fails to make me smile after a long day at work ...   Thanks so much for the opportunity to adapt such a pretty little girl. You do a fantastic service both for these little guys without a home and to the lucky owners who get to take them home :) Keep up the good work!"

Veronica's back story. And her update: "She's doing very well - it didn't take her long at all to adjust to her new home and she seems very comfortable. I've renamed her Smoochy because she's so affectionate -- she has the adorable habit of pressing her nose to my nose when I pet her."

Awww -- Smoochy! HAPPY LIFE, EGYPT and SMOOCHY-onica!!!!!

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