Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Alex is an affectionate, sweeeeeet, and well-behaved young male cat seeking a home. 

Alex was found on Route 57.  He was trapped on a hillside, close to the highway, and could not get off the hillside because it was fenced off at the top.  Possibly he was dumped out of a car. Kind Christine W. stopped her car and scooped him up.  He purred and happily rode on the dashboard of her car, where it was warm, the entire way home to Hyde Park!

Alex is a big, black, neutered male with a teeny bit of white under his chin on his neck.  He is about two years old and is very sweet and affectionate.  He is not a picky eater -- so far he likes Iams dry and Fancy Feast canned, any flavor.  He has been hanging out in a bathroom for two weeks, getting used to stuff, while we try to place him in a foster home. He likes to sit on his towel and on his kitty bed, as well as in the bathroom sink.  He loves company.

He was obviously someone's pet at one time ... he has his claws but is a gentleman with them. He uses a scratching post and has excellent litterbox habits. He loves to play with people as well as with his catnip strawberry and his fuzzy toys. Email to meet him and fall in love.

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