Friday, May 17, 2013



If you are looking for a great companion and someone to keep you company, Diamond  is your girl. She is very quick to warm up to anyone who wants to give her some pets, and is very gentle. Although she came into our adoption program as a stray, she has done wonderfully as an apartment cat. She likes to talk just to say hi and is very content chasing around a mousie or shoe string to entertain herself. Her purr can be heard on the other side of a door most of the time and she accepts all the love you can dish out! Diamond (or Cassie, as her fostermom calls her) also does a few quirky things that never fail to make her fostermom laugh, like laying in the window sill for a long time with her tushie showing, or laying on her back and kneading the air. She is a wonderful friend!

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