Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Brian is waiting

Brian's superstar fostermom writes:

"Brian lives by a play hard, purr hard philosophy. He is a very active teenage boy, who loves running around, chasing after toys, and watching birds from the window. He's recently begun playing fetch, dropping his toys on my lap and then, after I toss them across the room, he'll take off to retrieve them. He's super curious and always finds a way to amuse himself. And while he is an intelligent, independent cat, Brian is very social and loves to have a partner in his mischief. When he is done playing and chasing after things, he will jump up on my lap and nuzzle me. I never can say no to his adorable requests for affection (sometimes he'll pull my hand in toward him with his paw to prompt an ear-scratching). Afterward, he'll cuddle up next to me on the couch and sleep. 

Brian's got it all: supermodel looks, kooky cat antics, sweet temperament. He's a total catch."
Email hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com to adopt Brian today!

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