Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lucille is waiting

Lucille: A long-form prose poem by Fostermom.

She has the least pretentious attitude towards toys I've ever encountered - everything is entertaining, and she does a good job creating fun for herself. 

She has excellent household manners - uses the scratch post, impeccable litter box etiquette, etc. 

She absolutely loves attention - simple eye contact will make her do tons of belly rolls trying to tempt you into massaging her. (You have to succumb. It's too cute). 

Great appetite -- she was very thin when she arrived but looks less emaciated no. She loves wet food and dry food -- not too picky, but takes her time eating. 

Would do fine with a household of any ages and with other cats. She is still getting comfortable with us (very reticent to be picked up, doesn't like any fast movements), but never shows any aggression. She resents Henry-the-cat's curiosity with her, but nips his intrigue in the bud with a quick hiss or paw swipe - nothing that would do him any damage in the least. 

She's a good kitty!

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