Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Wildlife

It's "spring" in Chicago. As a New Yorker I have fond memories of spring, of warmth, of flowers, of blue skies. Here in Chicago we only get "spring." But one thing at least remains the same: "spring" is the time when baby animals are born. 

Baby Squirrel pictured here tumbled down the chimney of one of our local adopters and his mom/nest was not findable; our Veterinary Care Coordinator took care of him over the weekend and brought him and his magnificent fluffy tail to a baby-squirrel rehab specialist. We will update if we can.

What should you do if you encounter baby wildlife this "spring"? The folks at Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation have all the info you need on this site: FOUND AN ANIMALAction steps and advice on everything from "my dog found a nest of baby bunnies" to "I found a bird's nest that fell." Please consider sending this page to everyone you know -- the key to saving wildlife in these situations is generally fast action. 

Thanks to recent contributors, Mike H. -- our BFF -- and Ginny L., who donated to our Tree House Clinic  fund. 

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