Thursday, April 25, 2013

Miss McKayla Parker

This weekend I was out "enjoying" the "spring" here in Chicago, all nicely bundled up in my down coat and wool mittens and feeling lucky to be out of the elements, when I received a plea from the owner of our wonderful local independent pet store, Parkers. She'd received a phone call from an area person saying if the store wouldn't take her cat she was just going to put it outside. Nope, she couldn't be persuaded to even take it to an animal care facility ten minutes away from here. Nope, she couldn't be persuaded to hold onto it while we figured something out. She was going to drop it at the store in ten minutes or put it outside.

So of course Katie told this person to go ahead, and sure enough in ten minutes she had arrived, with a cat in a box. Gave the box over and left.

Inside was not really a cat but a kitten -- a sweet and adorable orange and white kitten.

Parkers staff set up their bathroom for kitty and I came to check her out; overnight it was decided she looked just like Parkers staff member Michael so she became McKayla.

Miss McKayla Parker is hanging out with the petstore staff now and is a snuggler. She loves snuggling and wants a family in search of a snuggly cat. She has excellent litterbox and eating habits.  We're sorry she had to be dumped at a petstore in a box but we can assure Miss McKayla Parker that things are going to look up from here.

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