Monday, April 29, 2013

Bar Refaeli, continued

Bar Rafaeli, you may recall, was picked up on our campus a couple weeks ago. She didn't have a microchip and no owner has ever come forward, so we now offer for adoption this sweet, spunky princess of a cat! 

She likes seeing what fostermom is up to and following her around the apartment, but is also content sleeping on windowsills or grooming her adorable brown bunny coat (or your hand; if you happen to interrupt her she will decide you need to be clean as well). 

Bar is not one to cuddle (though this may change with time) but flops all over fostermom's shoes with happiness after she comes home from work or errands, and appreciates being brushed, chin scratches, and head nuzzles given in passing. She definitely likes fighting ribbons, but does not go out of her way to seek any amusement (besides the ribbons, she has rejected every toy in fostermom's varied arsenal).  

She's a delight to have around, and would do very well with another young cat she could play with (fostermom's resident cat is not enamored with the idea of any sort of rambunctiousness, unfortunately). 

In sum: she is a cat's cat--a sweet, playful personality without any sort of neediness: a content and darling companion. 

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