Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Remy and Hennessey - Kittens!

Meet Remy and Hennessy, who were pulled from AWL along with their mother (now adopted) Marnier. Ms. Marnier, who was just a teen mom herself, actually adopted the younger Remy -- who was all by his tiny lonesome.  Now the two siblings are ready to find a home of their own. They must be adopted together.

Hennessy (approx 4 months) is a true middle child: patient, quiet, generous. She has a gorgeous, silky coat and striking green eyes, and a sleek body and long tail that curly-cues when she walks; we can tell she’s going to be a knock-out like her mother (whom visitors described as “fierce” looking). Hennessy is a little purr machine and loves to snuggle and give hugs.

Remy (approx 3 months) has come a long way from the scrawny, needy baby who was rescued. He has an adorable round face, poofy fur, and green eyes that have two modes: huge or sleepy. His cute little tail sticks straight up when he walks, and he likes belly scratches and is learning from his sister to purr all the time. He loves to sit on shoulders (he’s overseen several meals prepared by foster parents) and will sleep on a person for ages (when he’s not playing).


Together the kittens are a wonderful pair! Very playful (they make toys out of all kinds of things and love to play with people and each other), extremely outgoing and friendly (they don’t seem scared of anyone), and also incredibly affectionate and snuggly, they are wonderful pets and companions. They are particularly adorable when they are sleeping/snuggling together, and they are a joy to have around!

EMAIL hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com today to apply to meet and adopt these darling matched kittens! 

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