Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ms Moustachio

I bet you can't guess why we call this little amber-eyed cookie "Ms Moustachio," now can you? Stumped? It's her moustache, silly! Ms Moustachio was found outside -- no collar, no microchip, skinny and very hungry. No owner has come forward to claim this little sweetie pie. She was found in an area of Hyde Park where I am beginning to notice increasing number of black and white outdoor/feral cats ... so I'm so glad we could take her in before she started some increasing of her own!

Ms Moustachio is, according to her fostermom, "totally adorable, very very sweet, gentle and tiny -- only 5.5 pounds right now, slender and delicate. She is also very bouncy and energetic." Sounds like a typical kitten to me. She is now spayed, chipped, vaxed etc. Apply to adopt her today by emailing

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