Friday, August 31, 2012


I was wrong. TWENTY FOUR cats were adopted over the summer.

How could we have forgotten Mr. Villa? or Button, from Bridgeport?

Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend, all you furrrever cats!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer Adoption Roundup

L: Reggie and Dovy; R: Jelly Bean and Gummi Bear
Rotini gets picked up by his forever people!
Squish and Nuzzle (now Chaos and Cosmo) at their new home

Thanks to everyone on our adoption team, including our wonderful fosterparents, our vet-care folks, our foster coordinator Julie, our reference-checker Marilee, our adoption counselors, and our Adoption Coordinator Ainat --  TWENTY TWO lucky cats went home over this summer. Not that summer's over ... it's not over, is it?

August: Kenya, Samcat, Rotini, Ted, Dovy, Reggie and Saffron

July: Sadie, Squish and Nuzzle, Iris and May, Ike, Jelly Bean and Gummi Bear

June: Laszlo (aka Mattox), Bastete, Kitty, Pops, Paulina, Bean Sprout, Toby

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jelly Bean and Gummi Bear

I realized today that I never posted about my most recent foster kittens, Jelly Bean and Gummi Bear. 

Jelly Bean and Gummi Bear are a girl-boy tiger/white sibling pair. They were found living under a porch in Bridgeport (a neighborhood to our north) and followed a caring person (Linda!) all the way home. Jelly Bean and Gummi Bear are regular sweet and playful kittens who like to play with toys, snuggle, and explore. They enjoy the company of other cats, have lived with a dog, and are child-friendly. They kept my little gals entertained for a quick couple days and then ... they were adopted. But every Hyde Park Cats cat must have its day on the blog.

Jelly and Gummi are now Raisin and Pizza, living it up with their new little girl. We love and miss you, baby kittens! Happy life!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Swiss Miss and Parsley (2 of Fab 4)

Parsley up for a snuggle

Swiss Miss lounging

Swiss Miss and Parsley are two kittens trapped in Kenwood over the summer, siblings of Kieran and Aspen.

Swiss Miss is a thoughtful philosopher of a kitten. She has slightly shaggy fur, longer and a touch more wild-looking than her littermates. This little girl will play, especially with cat-and-mouse stalk and ambush games, but that is not where the magic lies for her. She is a cuddler and a lover. She adores scratches and rubs, and will literally melt into a cuddle position, and then turn to gaze up into your eyes.

Her brother Parsley has a high opinion of himself and requires a bit of space and respect, but quickly learns to accept your petting and playtime. After some introductory time to adjust, he quickly relaxes and enjoys sitting on a lap.  Email us at to meet either pair of kittens today!

Thanks to Amy for the donation of some cool cat supplies and to Mike for the carrier. Mike, we wish you and Madison all the best in your journey.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Treehouse run

I'm going WHERE?

We bring the cats we need veterinary care for to the Treehouse BVDM Spay/Neuter Clinic in Bucktown. Trips can include as many cats as we can shove into a car, but today's trip included only two lucky little boys: Saffron, the baby flamepoint Siamese we took in, and a new guy, now named Anders. Anders was found by a community member -- more info to come. He's our only orange guy at the moment, so if you love orange guys, send that email to

Huge purrrrry thanks to Laura S., who coordinates all our vet care, including the trips to the clinic. It's a huge amount of work. Today's drivers were Laura and Melissa A., and tonight's driver is a new volunteer, Emily. Thanks to those who have driven this summer (including MJK, Julie K., and Anna G.) and we always seek new drivers to join this volunteer rotation. If you can help drive, even if it's only once a month, that's hugely valuable. Please email

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kieran and Aspen (2 of Fab 4)

Thanks to a community volunteer, we recently acquired four young kittens who were born in an alley in Hyde Park. All four kittens are gray/ brown tabbies, weighed about 2.5 pounds, and are currently about twelve-sixteen weeks old. They have progressed a lot in the past few weeks in foster homes, from scared little fluff balls to playful sleek kittens!

As per our usual policy, we have split the four kittens up into two pairs, and will be placing them as pairs into their forever homes. Meet Pair One: Kieran and Aspen.

Keiran is extremely bold, adventuresome and is constantly seeking new horizons. Playtime is his specialty. He is bold, exploring the foster house outside of his safe bedroom and running right up to the resident cats. He loves the laser mouse, the bird toy, and any strings around. His littermate Aspen is named for her snowy coat.   When approached with food, she eagerly gets up and without hesitation will advance to nibble out of your hand. She is quick and sensitive; she appreciates gentle advances and nuzzling for a nap on a belly or in your neck.  She has recently revealed she too loves to chase the laser!

All four kittens have been neutered/spayed and microchipped, and will get their booster shots this week.  Look for a blog post on their siblings, Swiss Miss and Parsley, next.  To meet either of these adorable pairs, email

Thanks to Jodi for the donation of cat food and treats!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I can barely see over my own ruff!

This morning one of our volunteers met Ted for the first time. When Fostermom opened the door and Ted saw this new person, he immediately began to knead his paws. Then the new person picked him up and ... Ted wrapped his arms around her neck and gave a big hug, purring away. 

Ted came into Animal Welfare League as a stray, but judging from his appearance (he's a big boy!) and super-sweet personality, he was clearly somebody's pet once. He loves to be cuddled and will curl up in your lap as you brush his beautiful long coat. 

Ted is a typical Maine Coon type cat, with a very fluffy and luxurious coat which will need plenty of grooming from his personal assistant (you, his new owner). He has a lovely ruff of fur around his neck, fun toe floof, and plenty of wonderful fur to touch. Please note that he will require daily grooming help and is therefore not for the busiest of homes. Maine Coon types cats typically prefer companionship and love, and should be in a home where they can have plenty of it.

He would make the perfect fluffy companion for someone seeking a mellow, low-maintenance addition to their home.

Ted is an adult male. He will be fine as a only pet but has been nonaggressive with the other adult cats in his fosterhome.  Please email us at to meet Ted!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Minodo is an attractive and friendly black and white boy cat who hails from the Pilsen neighborhood. Minodo was living on the streets but being fed -- and loved -- by a girl whose mom wouldn't let her bring Minodo inside. Luckily for him, one of the city's most amazing TNR advocates and practitioners, Yvette, happened to find him.

He is the type of cat that will run and greet company when people come over. He is very outgoing, not shy at all. He is basically a dog trapped in a cat body!  In fact, this cat loves dogs!! He adores the dogs in his foster home. He gets along fine with other cats, but he is very interested in interacting with dogs. He is great with kids and very patient.

He is fully vetted; neutered, vaccinated and microchipped; a young adult at about 2 years old.  Contact us at to set up a meeting with Minodo!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Javier is a handsome and adorable twelve-to-fourteen week old tiger kitten. He was found--by a dog--in a backyard in Pilsen. Enzo the dog's mom and dad had Javier neutered, vaxed, and tested (he's neg/neg) and even though Javier loves being inside and playing with his dogs, he needs a home of his own. Email to apply to bring Javier to your casa!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


A homeless kitten gets some luv
Adult cats who have known a home can become very depressed in a shelter and just love a little attention.
Hyde Park Cats' latest volunteer day to Animal Welfare League (AWL) was last week. On these trips volunteers groom and socialize the cats there, in order to increase their chances of being chosen by a rescue group. Volunteers also make and deliver dewishous meatballs for the dogs at AWL, and deliver donations from the AWL wish list as given by the generous people of Hyde Park.

Our next trip is scheduled for September 14th; if you would like to participate, including by donating items, please email More photos can be viewed on our (public) Facebook page.
Many cats fail to groom in a shelter, so volunteers help them out.
Big purry thanks to August volunteers Kim, Ginny, Zoe, Nicole, and Christine, as well as to everyone who donated supplies from the AWL wish list. And a big thanks to our HPC/AWL Coordinator, Leslie S., for giving so much time and energy to help the animals at AWL have a shot at life.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Rotini was found by Magdalena and her friend in Pilsen, just living on the streets. She writes, "we named him Rotini because when you hold him he goes limp like a noodle. He is very affectionate. Loves to be pet, and constantly rubs his face and head on you.  He does little love bites while doing that. He won't stop purring!

With his long fur and his mismatched eyes we believe Rotini is an Angora or a Turkish Van mix. Or maybe an Angora mixed with Turkish Van. At any rate he's a handsome man seeking a home.

Thank you to Emily S. and Mary R. for their supply donations.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

AWL Volunteer Day

These kittens were surrendered to AWL and need rescue.

*VOLUNTEER DAY at ANIMAL WELFARE LEAGUE* this Friday, August 10: we have spaces open if you would like to participate. Email for details.

Animal Welfare League (62nd and Wabash) is an open-door facility mere minutes away from Hyde Park. The facility is unable to do adoptions, so all animals brought there need to be "pulled" by a rescue. Our visits to AWL work directly to help cats get "pulled" by socializing and grooming them. You can hug the cats, pet the cats, brush the cats, play with the cats. This will be the only time the cats spend out of their cage during that day (and perhaps longer).

WISH LIST: The shelter always needs clean towels (used is great), newspaper, dish detergent and of course cat/dog food of any type. Donations can be brought with you or you can drop them off at Parker's, a Natural Dog & Cat Market on 55th St.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Miriam is waiting

is my forever person out there?

Maybe in here?

Miriam is a beautiful cat with unusual markings (dilute tabico) and an extraordinarily sweet personality.  She is quiet and calm – and a delight to have around.  Miriam adjusts slowly to change and tends to hide when she is in a new place.  Once she gets used to her new surroundings, she loves to be in the company of her humans, but is also happy to entertain herself.  She is companionable without being needy, self-sufficient without being aloof.    She doesn’t currently show much inclination to be a lap cat, but that could change once she is in a proper home.  Her favorite way to show affection is to rub against your hand or legs and to roll onto her back for a belly rub.  Miriam is about five years old and has soft, silky fur.  Her grooming and litterbox habits are perfect.  Miriam is looking for a quiet home with an understanding adopter willing to give her the extra time that she needs to get over her shyness.  Your patience will be richly rewarded!

Email us at to meet this special lady today!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Dovy is a young male cat, brown tabby with white, with adorable black spots on his pink nose, about five months old but very thin. He was found on the street by someone who couldn't keep him. The finder brought Dovy to Treehouse while one of our star volunteers was there with some other Hyde Park Cats. Treehouse is currently overwhelmed with cats, so they couldn't take him. But after one look at this little charmer, she was smitten and decided to bring him back to Hyde Park.

She writes, "Dovy is one chill dude. He is extremely affectionate and loves to sit on my lap, purring like crazy. He will be going to Treehouse for his neuter surgery and shots on Saturday. Meanwhile, I am happy to report that he tested negative. Dovy is a wonderful cat who will make someone very happy."

To meet the little charmer we call Dovy after his finder, email us today at