Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Reggie outside

Reggie enjoying his new air-conditioned digs!

Reggie is a handsome orange-and-white tabby who began frequenting Diane's 61st street feeding station some months ago. Reggie has been impatiently sleeping in the hostas for several months now, but his time has come and we're happy we could get him inside into Michael's nice cool garden-level apartment before the heat hit! 

Michael writes, "Reggie is doing really well. During the day, he enjoys sitting by the a/c on my wide window-sill while his pale green eyes chase the city critters. He's lanky and has a beautiful lightly striped orange coat. He gets a little nervous whenever a new face enters the room but opens up whenever he sees that they have hands to pet his face with. Whenever the petting stops he gives out a few adorable little meow-yelps and nudges his face into the back of your hand. He is talkative and will occasionally call out for attention but he isn't overactive. Reggie is a very well mannered and handsome young man. He would be a great addition to any home."

Reggie has been neutered, is up-to-date on shots and neg/neg.  Email to meet Reggie!

And a reminder:  don't forget extra water for your animals and for any outdoor animals you care for or for whom you suspect are in your vicinity!


lilolady said...

Reggie you are SO handsome! Where did you get that marmelade coat?

Diane H said...

Reggie is an exceptional cat - patient, friendly, devoted - and deserves the same from a new family. I wish him the very best - thanks Michael!