Monday, July 2, 2012

Kittens! Eve and Eden

A family of three kittens and a young mom were reported to us a couple of months ago by several different South-of-the-Midway volunteers. One kitten was napped with an old-fashioned string and box method; two others, plus the mom, were trapped by one of our volunteers in collaboration with Jen, upon whose porch the family had landed.

The little family went to the vet, and then Mamacat Claudia went home with Jen. Eden and Eve, the two remaining kittens, went into our foster-care system. They are now in the same home as the volunteer who trapped them, where they spend a lot of time with Toby, the adult foster cat.

Eden, the tabby baby, may be shy at first but is a real cuddler at heart. Her human friend Melissa writes that "she sits in my lap, purrs, and rubs against me. She likes her back scratched and even rolls on her back to have her belly rubbed. Eve, the black-and-white, "is very playful: she can't resist a string or better yet a string with a bunch of feathers tied at the end. She is good at channeling her inner jungle cat." 

Eve and Eden are  inseparable sisters. Because they are a bonded pair, who love and groom each other and sleep in each others arms, they must be adopted together. Write to to apply to bring these little ladies home.

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