Thursday, July 26, 2012


REGENSTEIN ... the magnificent. Regenstein is one of those cats who charms everyone he meets. He is the handsomest man, outgoing and loving. This young healthy Maine-coon type cat has gorgeous facial markings and  all the characteristics of a Maine Coon -- long, fluffy tail, large paws, elongated body, and a neck ruff. He also has a lovely personality characteristic of Maine Coons -- very social, curious, and affectionate. He is very  playful. His favorite toy is the ball in the ring, and he has been known to enjoy a bit of nip. He is also very smart -- beware! Regenstein will be a wonderful companion who will reward your love with loyal, unending devotion.

THANK YOU RECENT DONORS! Thanks to Mike H. and James M., who support us with monthly gifts, t Linda N., and to Adrienne D., who says "Iris and May made me do it :)"  . Thanks also to some folks who donated stuff: a carrier from Mario S., a covered litter box from John K., and lovely food from Sara B. We put your donations to use in our foster network as well as where applicable for our feral friends.

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