Thursday, July 12, 2012


M. Pierre
Pierre is a sweet boy who is tired of using up his ninelives on the streets in a rough neighborhood. Pierre was originally part of a TNR’d colony on the south side ofChicago, but became very friendly over the past couple of years.  He is hesitant with new people, but has learned that people he sees on a daily basis are OK; assoon as he sees his caretaker he starts rolling over to displayhis tummy for a good rub-down.  Heis a very loving kitty who has had it pretty rough and needs a patient mom ordad to help him feel comfortable.   

Pierre has reason to be hesitant with gettingto know people: he was shot in the head with a BB gun and still has a BB justbelow the skin in his temple, which is causing no harm to him and which doesnot need to be removed.   Pierre likes other cats and dogs and is just an all-around greatguy.  He just needs for you to be patientwhile he gets to know you.

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carlsoki said...

For the love of God, someone pet his belly!!!