Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Squish and Nuzzle

Squish and Nuzzle are two tiny darlings that were rescued from a high-kill animal-control facility from which we occasionally take cats. This facility does no adoptions so there are only two ways out for animals like Squish and Nuzzle, who were voluntarily surrendered by an owner: to be euthanized or to be 'pulled' by a rescue group.

Fostermom Samantha writes: "Nuzzle  is the lighter, tiger striped grey sister, always exploring, always curious, always ready to tackle and jump and play and escape from your hands ... Squish is the darker sister with such pretty dark gold eyes: she purrs and mews till you pick her up, is always ready and eager for a snuggle, and is content to nuzzle my neck and groom my chin and eyelashes~ even if she's playing if you rub her little head she is instantly yours and will let you tickle her tummy till she's dozing...

They love each other but are happy playing apart, and are a fantastic balance of personalities; I am  so excited for whoever gets them!"

Squish and Nuzzle, like our other kitten pairs, are destined to be lifelong companions; you can find information about the benefits of adopting kittens in twos here

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