Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kittens! Iris and May update

Beautiful Iris

Sisters Iris and May were found last month by a volunteer in Washington Park, living in a garden shed. See previous posts about these little furballs here and here.

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Susan writes, "It's been two weeks since Iris and May moved in and they are an adorable handful! Iris is the leader of the two and loves to explore (She is a short haired kitten, with orange and gray colored stripes) . She is also quite the daredevil, never letting her lack of one eye slow  her down. She loves to play and practice pouncing on her sister as well as to play with string, boxes, and her favorite toy of all, her sister's fluffy tail."  
Lovely May

"May is her opposite and is very calm, even sitting calmly as her sister pounces on her tail (She is a long haired, dark brown). She is happy to relax in the window or in her favorite potted plant. They both like being petted and given belly rubs. These two have so much energy and love being in a room with their sister or with people (and will often cry when they can't find their sister). They have taken to following us around the apartment like puppies. They would be a great addition to any household whether you wanted a playful cat or a relaxed one."

Kitten on a tissue box. That is all.

Iris and May are bonded sisters so must be adopted together.  Email to meet Iris and May!


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