Friday, July 6, 2012

Ike is waiting!

Ike in the animal control facility

Ike in his new foster home

Ike was rescued from a nearby animal control facility last month. This facility does no adoptions so there are only two ways out for animals like Ike, who was voluntarily surrendered by an owner: to be euthanized or to be 'pulled' by a rescue group.  After a brief stay at Treehouse, he made his way to his new foster home with Sarah and her roommates, who write, "Ike continues to settle in well and has no problems interacting either with his fosterparents or any of the other friends we might have over; he is very much a social cat who enjoys company. He remains very talkative (almost like he is part Siamese) but has mostly confined his meowing to instances where we are directly around and he just wants our attention; he has stopped meowing for the sake of meowing and is quiet, for the most part, at night, although he is not afraid to come into your bedroom when the sun is rising to ask why you haven't fed him yet.

Ike is also very curious and energetic; nothing pleases him more than peeking into the cabinets or refrigerator when you open their doors, and he will chase his toy mouse or random string around the apartment. When he is in a playful mood he also seeks out human fingers and toes to grapple with and nip on, but we are working on breaking him of these more antisocial habits. Ike loves faces and hair and delights in sitting on your chest and investigating what little "fur" humans have, but as time goes on he gets better at doing this only when invited to do so. He is intrigued by human food, the table, and the kitchen counter but is also learning, slowly, that these things are not approved for cats.

He isn't all craziness, sociability, and energy; as I'm writing this he is snoozing on a large coloring book in the corner of our living room, and he loves to nap underneath chairs. He's gotten much calmer since the first few days we had him, when he was nonstop meowing and in constant need of attention, although he still loves to talk, to follow you when you go into the kitchen, and to clamor for your attention when he grows tired of sleeping, eating, and exploring. All in all, Ike is a very cute, soft, sociable cat who loves to be where his humans are and loves to play, and he is learning manners to go along with all his adorableness."

Thank you to Sarah and roommates, who are on their first fostering adventure! Ike has been neutered, tested neg/neg, and is up to date on shots.  Write to to meet this feisty guy and give him a forever home!

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