Friday, June 15, 2012


Kenya was adopted from Hyde Park Cats last year, but her owner is in the midst of a family emergency and we are putting her back on the market.  Her owner is incredibly sad but hopes that someone will come along to give Kenya a new forever home filled with love and affection. 

Her current mom writes that "Kenya is a fun and playful cat. She loves to sit in an open window, or an open door with a screen in it. Kenya is a hunter cat, and she loves to sniff out bugs for a tasty treat. Kenya has medium energy level, and she will sleep when you sleep (she's pretty laid back). She does not like to be closed out so leave the door to your room cracked! She likes to be next to you so put her bed next to yours and she will sleep there. She doesn't really care for fancy cat toys, but she will love a shoelace, string, or a ball of paper. Kenya has excellent litter habits and is a healthy girl."

Our original post on Kenya, when she was found just wandering around a busy street, meowing for help.

So let's review ... Beautiful. Healthy. Cheap date. Loving. Smart. Awesome! Apply to adopt Kenya by emailing

Thanks James M. for the donation, Kim R. for the zumba money, and Katherine A. for the help in retrieving that paperwork!

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