Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tapioca: Happy Ending Update

Readers, an update on Tapioca, the "Bubble Tea" mama cat.

Furrrever mom Yoko says Tapi  is doing very well -- our resident cat, Poppo and Tapi are, sadly, still not the best friends in the planet but somehow we manage to live together.  My partner and I love both of them so, so much and I cannot believe it took me 40-some years to realize I am such a cat person.  I cannot even imagine my life without them -- they give me such a joy every single day."

We caught Tapioca and her four kittens in 2009. Read about it here, and search the blog for "tapioca" and "bubble tea" to see other posts about this amazing little family.

When we found her, Tapioca was a skinny little mama cat trying to survive outside. Now, she is a treasured housecat. "Our apartment has lovely balcony," says Yoko, "and Tapi loves to take a nap next to flowers during summer.”  Happy life, Tapi. Happy life.

HEATWAVE ADVISORY IN CHICAGO. PLEASE leave out plenty of extra water for any ferals you are feeding, for the birds and squirrels, etc. 

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Greg said...

That's a nice balcony, I wouldn't mind taking a nap out there myself!