Monday, June 25, 2012

Button is waiting

Button was found living with a colony of ferals this past winter in Bridgeport. He showed up starving and injured. Kim, a feral caretaker in the area, got hold of him and provided veterinary care, and discovered Button is certainly no feral cat. We were able to move him into a fosterspace with Linda, who has sent us this superstar report: "After a little more than a week since I've had Button, things are going really well. He was shy when I first met him, but he is such a love bug. 
  • I had a 1.5 minute meowing conversation with Button. I've never had a conversation with a cat before. Anyone who wants to chat with a cat would love Button. 
  • He has giant paws. This one is a big boy. He's super muscular. Did I say giant paws? 
  • When you brush Button after a while, it will sound like a helicopter is landing on your house; but don't worry, its just his purring
  • Litter habits are awesome, very little tracking outside the box.
  • He loves his dry food. He doesn't really eat any of the wet food I give him... this one time he just licked all the gravy from the canned iams I gave him but that was about it (what kind of cat turns down canned iams?!). He drinks plenty of water though so I shouldn't have to worry about him being dehydrated..
  • So gentle. So sweet. Always defensive, never offensive. He would definitely go well with other cats. He really likes another cat's company. He will never fight for top cat spot. He just wants to make friends and cuddle with everyone :) He is like Michael from Blind Side. He is big and strong and can beat everyone up, but he chooses to be nice :)
  • Who ever adopts him will never have a problem with his cat hair all over the place. He has very short hair and any that does come loose will be swept up by the brush. He loves being brushed. I brush him 10 minutes at least everyday. I brushed him for half an hour once and came back a few hours later and he still wanted to be brushed more. I'm going to take a picture of all the cat hair from his brush one day and make a sculpture of a cat. 
  • He likes brushing so much that if I just hold the brush in place, he would rub himself all over the brush. I don't even have to brush him, he brushes
  • He has giant white paws and he doesn't mind it if you want to poke them :)"
Button is so happy to be safe inside and is ready for his forever home. you can see some videos of him being talking and enjoying his new life here. He's up to date on all shots and tested neg/neg, so email to adopt him!

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Lilithcat said...

I'm going to take a picture of all the cat hair from his brush one day and make a sculpture of a cat.

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