Thursday, May 31, 2012


Laszlo is an adorable "Russian blue style" kitty who was found by Hyde Parker Jake while out walking the dog. He wasn't chipped, collared, or neutered, but he is very friendly! Darling Laszlo had a trip to the vet, a brief stay in our emergency-space garage, and is now in Mahmoud's loving fosterhome. Fosterdad Mahmoud writes, "Laszlo is a ball of lovable energy.  He loves to play in between naps, whether it be wrestling, playing with his rollerball toy, or swatting at fruit flies.  He's just a kid, but he's exceptionally smart and well-behaved, and knows when it's time to play and when it's time to relax.  He loves to crawl into bed with me when I'm going to sleep, and he has perfect litterbox habits.  When he's sleepy, he loves lying in your lap and letting you pet him until he falls asleep.  He's also very friendly and warms up to people almost immediately.  He's also just adorable, with a beautiful thick coat of fur and innocent yellow eyes that will make you melt.  I could go on forever about how awesome he is..."

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Thanks Mahmoud for taking this guy in on such short notice!

For a little bitter with the sweet, we also want to thank Mahmoud for caring for his former fostercat, Max. Max died suddenly last month (of a blood clot). He did not suffer and he had his new fosterdad Mahmoud and his previous fostermom Hamsini with him. Mahmoud wrote that "Max was my first cat, and I'll never forget him. He loved unabashedly." Max's last weeks, days, and hours were spent in a loving and safe place -- thanks to Rome (his finder) and his fosterparents. He was loved. RIP, Max.

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Lilithcat said...

Lazlo is adorable! And that first photo cracks me up. It's so "How did this happen and what do I do now?!?!"