Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Uhaul update

UHaul has written in to let us know he is now Theo, and is doing great. Furrever mom writes that "He's happy as a clam, snoozing the spring days away on his window perch. He likes to talk to everyone who walks by. The neighbors think he is hilarious. He loves to sleep on my chest while I read, and nags at my arm when I'm working to play instead of type. He's a very affectionate and engaged boy. His nickname is Bird because he likes to chirp and talk ALL the time. He keeps me informed of all of his thoughts and activities. He likes to stay right beside me most of the time, including poking his nose into the shower to keep an eye on me. He's such a loving boy. He does what I call "the superman" at night: he likes to lay across my chest and stick his legs and arms straight out and sleep. We're a match made in heaven. I'm so grateful to Hyde Park Cats for the work you do and for bringing us together!"

UHaul had been abandoned at our local vet's office because his owner was moving (hence the name): Previous UHaul

Thanks Furrevermom and happy life, THEO!

Thank you to recent donors Mike H., Paul and Jessie C., and Anna F., who wishes us a “Happy Mama Cat Day!”

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lilolady said...

Awww I am so happy to hear of UHAUL upgrade to Theo. It simply marvelous!