Monday, May 7, 2012


Over the weekend a scared and injured cat was found crouched under a parked car on the busy intersection of 51st Street and Hyde Park Boulevard. One of our volunteers, Ruth, spent some time on a cool and windy day gaining this kitty's confidence and was able to wrangle him into a carrier after a bit of patient coaxing.

The vet thinks he was burned--some whiskers on one side of his face are singed, there are some singe marks on the other side of his body and his front paw pads could have been burned. He even smells burnt when you nuzzle him. He may have been up in the car he was found under. He was given an antiobiotic shot and should be fine. He's about one year old and seven pounds (a reasonable weight). He is presently intact but will be neutered ASAP.

Ruth says "He is so grateful to be rescued, and so happy to be tucked up in a bed in a crate. He starts marching as soon as you talk to him. He's a lovely, lovely, cat. He is super co-operative --goes into the carrier effortlessly, and purred and purred in the vet's office. He'll make someone a wonderful cat if an owner doesn't turn up."

Please consider opening your home to fostering a needy cat this season--this kitten season, that is. What is kitten season? It's when every rescue and shelter is overflowing with kittens! Yes, sweet adorable kittens ... but this is the season when it's especially difficult for adult cats to be rescued, fostered, and adopted. Please write to to find out more about fostering or adopting.

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