Friday, May 18, 2012

Handsome Gray

"Handsome Gray" is from Tanya's Tribe and was TNRed last week. Your donations help us provide veterinary services for cats like Handsome Gray, thus ensuring fewer unwanted kittens and healthier outdoor cats (with less incidence of FIV and FeLV), which is better for the community too. Thanks Tanya and MJK for caring for the Tribe. Good luck Handsome Gray!

Thanks Natalie for the donation of the carriers! Hyde Parkers, did you know if you have old pet-related stuff you cannot use, including food, you can donate locally! You can contact us at, or you can bring your donations to Parkers at 1342 E. 55th St. Unless otherwise specified, donations brought to Parkers will be donated to the Animal Welfare League, so that's a great place to bring anything dog-related. AWL operates its intake facility at 62nd and Wabash, mere minutes away from our neighborhood. They are also very happy to receive old towels.

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