Friday, May 11, 2012


Meeka is a beautiful calico-and-white young lady who was found living in an alley over by 59th and King Drive. Previous Meeka post.

Fostermom Sonja writes that "Meeka continues to be incredibly lovey. We have another cat so the comparisons are natural. Where Fox attacks us daily, Meeka seems to be unaware that she is even able to inflict pain if she wanted to. Where Fox gets a little tired of the petting and lets us know with a bite, Meeka never seems to want it to end (though of course she understands it must). Her meow is less of a meow and more of a "squeak" (we have come to call her Squeaka at times). And her face imparts so much personality, she looks so intense. As for play, again, we compare her to our resident cat, who requires a bit of direction from us to play, where Meeka is content to bat around some yarn independently. Her food habits are such that we can leave her bag of food lying around and she shows no interest in it, but she happily eats what we put in her bowl (again, in comparison to our Fox, who will eat anything and everything in sight, even kale). Whoever gets her will be a very lucky cat owner. She is the perfect cat for someone who wants a love dispensing purr machine."

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