Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Clearly Button (named for his cute widdle nose) used to be a housecat, but somehow he ended up on the streets. He was suffering multiple injuries when he was found in a managed feral colony in Bridgeport (a neighborhood to our north). Kim and the other caretakers brought him in for veterinary care and TLC, and have discovered how sweet he can be. Kim says "He is a treat hog and a purr monster, he 'makes bread' while he eats and loves for you to talk to him during his mealtime. When you offer treats he will head butt your fist as a thank you."

Button is currently living in a large enclosure in a garage in Bridgeport. He would very much like a foster or a forever home. Please write to to apply.

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lilolady said...

Cute ... as a Button