Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April to April, a year in a rescue

One year ago, this picture of a mama cat and her gorgeous "variety box" kittens came into our inbox. They had been dumped, in a plastic tub, at the gate of a high-kill shelter in Indiana from which we occasionally "pull" cats. It was a time like now: summer was coming and we (like all rescues) were desperate for foster homes. Our devoted volunteer Ruth stepped up to take in all six. It was April, so Mama cat was named after the month she came in. Her kittens were all adopted -- one went quickly as a companion for another cat. The others went two by two, including a pair who stayed forever with our master fosterer Mireille. Inna joined us and became April's foster parent, and we learned that April was sweet and gentle to human kittens too. April is even our April pin-up girl in our 2012 calendar! But the months went by, and, inexplicably, April wasn't adopted and wasn't adopted ... until Aubry came along. And now, April has been adopted -- on the last night of April. 

Previous April posts
Mattie and Nantucket, two of April's kittens

Thank you to everyone on the team who stuck it out with April during her Foster Year, and may none of our cats ever have to wait so long again.


Louise said...

Yay!! Glad to hear she's found a home at last. She is truly gorgeous, what a lucky adopter.

lilolady said...

Brings a tear to the eye, to know there is always hope! Thanks Aubrey, for loving April.

faith84 said...

Aubrey's a friend of mine, and when she first saw April, it was love at first site! In fact, Aubrey was in the middle of moving into a new apartment, so she had to wait before she could finalize her adoption of April until she officially moved in, which was quite agonizing for poor Aubs. She was sure someone was going to snatch April away, considering how beautiful and gentle the kitty was. We were both quite amazed that April hadn't been adopted earlier. But everything worked out for the best, and they're both quite happy in Aubrey's new apartment.