Thursday, May 31, 2012


Laszlo is an adorable "Russian blue style" kitty who was found by Hyde Parker Jake while out walking the dog. He wasn't chipped, collared, or neutered, but he is very friendly! Darling Laszlo had a trip to the vet, a brief stay in our emergency-space garage, and is now in Mahmoud's loving fosterhome. Fosterdad Mahmoud writes, "Laszlo is a ball of lovable energy.  He loves to play in between naps, whether it be wrestling, playing with his rollerball toy, or swatting at fruit flies.  He's just a kid, but he's exceptionally smart and well-behaved, and knows when it's time to play and when it's time to relax.  He loves to crawl into bed with me when I'm going to sleep, and he has perfect litterbox habits.  When he's sleepy, he loves lying in your lap and letting you pet him until he falls asleep.  He's also very friendly and warms up to people almost immediately.  He's also just adorable, with a beautiful thick coat of fur and innocent yellow eyes that will make you melt.  I could go on forever about how awesome he is..."

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Thanks Mahmoud for taking this guy in on such short notice!

For a little bitter with the sweet, we also want to thank Mahmoud for caring for his former fostercat, Max. Max died suddenly last month (of a blood clot). He did not suffer and he had his new fosterdad Mahmoud and his previous fostermom Hamsini with him. Mahmoud wrote that "Max was my first cat, and I'll never forget him. He loved unabashedly." Max's last weeks, days, and hours were spent in a loving and safe place -- thanks to Rome (his finder) and his fosterparents. He was loved. RIP, Max.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Olive is waiting

Olive is an petite cross-eyed tuxedo girl who is seeking her furrever home. Fostermom Lauren writes, "With adorable green crossed eyes and an urge to play, this tiny bundle is a wonderful cat. Although she is timid, she secretly longs to be petted. She gargles when she meows - a unique way each time!" Olive is a former alley cat. She requires a patient and loving adopter. Will it be you? Email to apply. Here is a previous post on Olive.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bootsy and Ellis are waiting

Bootsy and Ellis, named after members of funk superstar James Brown's band,  are a bonded pair of kitten brothers ready for their forever home.  Fostermom Becca writes that "Bootsy and Ellis are incredibly snuggly and loving and funny. They are best buds and cuddle, play, and give each other baths all the time. They also love their foster parents. Bootsy will snuggle on your lap or next to you whenever you want him there, and Ellis likes to perch on the back of the couch, or at your feet under the desk. Bootsy loves belly scratches and will have lengthy conversations with foster parents. Ellis occasionally joins in these conversations, which are extremely comical. Ellis has silky soft fur and  adorable big eyes, and he likes to burrow under blankets to nap, play, or wait to ambush Bootsy. They are especially adorable when they walk side by side, with matching tails pointing to the ceiling and wagging. They also both love playing fetch! they bring their toys to where we’re sitting and then run and fetch them when they’re thrown ! They are both very well behaved, easy to take care of (not picky, no litter box issues), and an absolute joy to have around, whether they’re greeting you in the morning or when you come home, stretching out or snuggling in hilarious positions, or snuggling up next to you." 

They are neutered, vaxed, neg/neg, and available NOW! Email to apply.  Their siblings Maceo and Wesley are ALSO available (as a pair). And here is how we found them, in a Church garage in an alley.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Uhaul update

UHaul has written in to let us know he is now Theo, and is doing great. Furrever mom writes that "He's happy as a clam, snoozing the spring days away on his window perch. He likes to talk to everyone who walks by. The neighbors think he is hilarious. He loves to sleep on my chest while I read, and nags at my arm when I'm working to play instead of type. He's a very affectionate and engaged boy. His nickname is Bird because he likes to chirp and talk ALL the time. He keeps me informed of all of his thoughts and activities. He likes to stay right beside me most of the time, including poking his nose into the shower to keep an eye on me. He's such a loving boy. He does what I call "the superman" at night: he likes to lay across my chest and stick his legs and arms straight out and sleep. We're a match made in heaven. I'm so grateful to Hyde Park Cats for the work you do and for bringing us together!"

UHaul had been abandoned at our local vet's office because his owner was moving (hence the name): Previous UHaul

Thanks Furrevermom and happy life, THEO!

Thank you to recent donors Mike H., Paul and Jessie C., and Anna F., who wishes us a “Happy Mama Cat Day!”

Monday, May 21, 2012

Elphie and Electra

Adoptable playmates Elphie and Electra snuggling and grooming after nap time! To read more about these frisky yet gentle girls, see their individual stories here and here. Elphie and Electra are being fostered together; they can be adopted together or separately. Both are child-friendly.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Handsome Gray

"Handsome Gray" is from Tanya's Tribe and was TNRed last week. Your donations help us provide veterinary services for cats like Handsome Gray, thus ensuring fewer unwanted kittens and healthier outdoor cats (with less incidence of FIV and FeLV), which is better for the community too. Thanks Tanya and MJK for caring for the Tribe. Good luck Handsome Gray!

Thanks Natalie for the donation of the carriers! Hyde Parkers, did you know if you have old pet-related stuff you cannot use, including food, you can donate locally! You can contact us at, or you can bring your donations to Parkers at 1342 E. 55th St. Unless otherwise specified, donations brought to Parkers will be donated to the Animal Welfare League, so that's a great place to bring anything dog-related. AWL operates its intake facility at 62nd and Wabash, mere minutes away from our neighborhood. They are also very happy to receive old towels.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Clearly Button (named for his cute widdle nose) used to be a housecat, but somehow he ended up on the streets. He was suffering multiple injuries when he was found in a managed feral colony in Bridgeport (a neighborhood to our north). Kim and the other caretakers brought him in for veterinary care and TLC, and have discovered how sweet he can be. Kim says "He is a treat hog and a purr monster, he 'makes bread' while he eats and loves for you to talk to him during his mealtime. When you offer treats he will head butt your fist as a thank you."

Button is currently living in a large enclosure in a garage in Bridgeport. He would very much like a foster or a forever home. Please write to to apply.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Gorgeous tortie Georgia is living in an alley. If you have been thinking about fostering for us, now is the time. Email to apply.

Thanks to Sara B. for the scratchers.

Friday, May 11, 2012


Meeka is a beautiful calico-and-white young lady who was found living in an alley over by 59th and King Drive. Previous Meeka post.

Fostermom Sonja writes that "Meeka continues to be incredibly lovey. We have another cat so the comparisons are natural. Where Fox attacks us daily, Meeka seems to be unaware that she is even able to inflict pain if she wanted to. Where Fox gets a little tired of the petting and lets us know with a bite, Meeka never seems to want it to end (though of course she understands it must). Her meow is less of a meow and more of a "squeak" (we have come to call her Squeaka at times). And her face imparts so much personality, she looks so intense. As for play, again, we compare her to our resident cat, who requires a bit of direction from us to play, where Meeka is content to bat around some yarn independently. Her food habits are such that we can leave her bag of food lying around and she shows no interest in it, but she happily eats what we put in her bowl (again, in comparison to our Fox, who will eat anything and everything in sight, even kale). Whoever gets her will be a very lucky cat owner. She is the perfect cat for someone who wants a love dispensing purr machine."

Partial to calicos? We also have Elphie available. What are you WAITING for? Apply to adopt by emailing

Thursday, May 10, 2012

In the community

ZUMBA for Kitties

Every Monday from 7-8pm in the rec room of Nichols Park (53rd and Kenwood), right around the corner from Hyde Park Animal Clinic, is Kim's ZUMBA for the KITTIES class.

Zumba is a dance fitness program based on international rhythms such as merengue, salsa, cumbia, and Bollywood and hip-hop. You don't need to be a dancer or have any prior experience, and it's so much fun you barely feel like you're working out... even though you can burn several hundred calories in an hour-long class! Kim is a certified Zumba instructor and one of our dedicated volunteers. COST: ONLY $5 (plus any extra donation you feel like giving to the cats). All profits are donated to Hyde Park Cats. So you really have no excuse for not exercising on Mondays.

Hope to see you "meow-ving" your body at a Zumba class very soon! THANKS KIM!

THANKS HYDE PARK HERALD, Chicago's oldest community newspaper, for running "cat of the week" ads for us. Big purrs to Anna F. for following through on this fantastic idea and to Erika M. for formatting and facilitating the ads themselves. This week's Cat of the Week is Kitty, who is still seeking her furrever home after spending most of a year in a foster home.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Fostermom Rachael writes that "I think Sam is an ideal cat. He is energetic, playful and I'm pretty sure he could entertain himself for hours chasing my feet around the apartment. But he's is also a fantastic lap cat and will take all the attention he can get and it's hard to resist his purr and loving nudges. I think he would be supremely happy if someone would feed him and then scratch his belly for the rest of the day.Sam is very well mannered--no problems with the litter box and he's even good about keeping his claws in when he's playing."

Samcat is a handsome black and white male cat who lost his South Side home when his owners were foreclosed on (they left him behind). He is neutered, neg/neg, microchipped, and very affectionate. He loves to tear up cardboard scratching posts! He is being fostered with a female cat and has lived with other cats in the past, but will also be fine as an only cat, since he loves attention so much.

More pix of Samcat. Write to to apply to adopt Sam.

Monday, May 7, 2012


Over the weekend a scared and injured cat was found crouched under a parked car on the busy intersection of 51st Street and Hyde Park Boulevard. One of our volunteers, Ruth, spent some time on a cool and windy day gaining this kitty's confidence and was able to wrangle him into a carrier after a bit of patient coaxing.

The vet thinks he was burned--some whiskers on one side of his face are singed, there are some singe marks on the other side of his body and his front paw pads could have been burned. He even smells burnt when you nuzzle him. He may have been up in the car he was found under. He was given an antiobiotic shot and should be fine. He's about one year old and seven pounds (a reasonable weight). He is presently intact but will be neutered ASAP.

Ruth says "He is so grateful to be rescued, and so happy to be tucked up in a bed in a crate. He starts marching as soon as you talk to him. He's a lovely, lovely, cat. He is super co-operative --goes into the carrier effortlessly, and purred and purred in the vet's office. He'll make someone a wonderful cat if an owner doesn't turn up."

Please consider opening your home to fostering a needy cat this season--this kitten season, that is. What is kitten season? It's when every rescue and shelter is overflowing with kittens! Yes, sweet adorable kittens ... but this is the season when it's especially difficult for adult cats to be rescued, fostered, and adopted. Please write to to find out more about fostering or adopting.

Friday, May 4, 2012


Electra, a young gray-and-white female, is a sweet and friendly cat. Fostermom Flora writes that "she is really affectionate and cuddly with us -- purrs like a steamroller when I stroke her back or even belly." She lives with another (foster) cat and three young children and has been delightful (her foster-sister, Elphie, is also avaible). Electra was originally found locked in a storage compartment in a basement (in a building in Hyde Park)! She has made a full recovery from her ordeal and is spayed, vaxed, neg/neg, and ready to go to her furrever home.

Thank you to Mike and his boyfriend (sorry, I never caught his name!) for saving Electra and her companion. Electra's companion, Orestes, was in very rough shape when he was found -- he had some wounds, possibly from trying to escape, and just generally was in poor health. We found he was both FIV and FeLV positive, and, given his overall poor condition, made the decision that it was time to have him humanely euthanized. Electra, while a little underweight, was basically fine and I have to wonder if Orestes gave his all to protect her. RIP, Orestes -- we're glad you were provided a few last days of comfort.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April to April, a year in a rescue

One year ago, this picture of a mama cat and her gorgeous "variety box" kittens came into our inbox. They had been dumped, in a plastic tub, at the gate of a high-kill shelter in Indiana from which we occasionally "pull" cats. It was a time like now: summer was coming and we (like all rescues) were desperate for foster homes. Our devoted volunteer Ruth stepped up to take in all six. It was April, so Mama cat was named after the month she came in. Her kittens were all adopted -- one went quickly as a companion for another cat. The others went two by two, including a pair who stayed forever with our master fosterer Mireille. Inna joined us and became April's foster parent, and we learned that April was sweet and gentle to human kittens too. April is even our April pin-up girl in our 2012 calendar! But the months went by, and, inexplicably, April wasn't adopted and wasn't adopted ... until Aubry came along. And now, April has been adopted -- on the last night of April. 

Previous April posts
Mattie and Nantucket, two of April's kittens

Thank you to everyone on the team who stuck it out with April during her Foster Year, and may none of our cats ever have to wait so long again.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Templeton update

A note from Christine, adopter of Templeton (who now goes by Winston): "He has matured from a very playful and energetic but slightly anxious and destructive cat into a still playful and energetic but much more content cat. He purrs tons, likes playing with all sorts of toys, greets me at the door when I come home, and has recently started going outside (on a leash), which he loves. Everyone who meets Winston agrees that he is strikingly handsome and exceptionally friendly."

Templeton 2011. HAPPY LIFE, WINSTON!

Thanks to recent donors Stephanie M. and Mike H. Purrs.

We have many cats who have been patiently waiting for a home. Please help spread the word about our organization! Write to for a paper poster to print, or forward our blog to just one friend or colleague today. We need help placing some cats and kittens into furrever homes!

ETA: Thanks so much to Christine for sending us a donation in honor of Templeton-Winston's one-year "gotchaversary" (the anniversary of the 'gotcha' day). Happy Gotcha Day, Winston!