Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Charlotte (and Orange Cat)

Charlotte and Orange Cat are two orangey cats from the Champagne-Furbana area at about 42nd and Lake Park, where over the last several years we have TNRed several cats, removed several cats for adoption, and many cats are still there. We believe there is a family in the area allowing their pet cats to reproduce.

Charlotte appears to have lived most of her life outside, but she is loving and a sweet and dainty girl. She's shy with people she doesn't know -- what can you expect. Caretaker Candice says "When I open up my car door she jumps up in my lap and just lays there and purrs. She loves to just lay there and purr and to be petted. She is sweet and will blossom in a home without a ton of craziness. She is the kind of cat that is perfect for a couple with no kids or an older person or a quieter house because she is just a bit shy." At times Charlotte has spent time inside in a spare room and has not had a problem. We believe she will acclimate perfectly to live inside.

Charlotte's caretaker is moving very soon and hopes to be able to place Charlotte in a home where she can get some TLC and live out the rest of her life with a lap to purr in. She does not want to have to leave Charlotte behind.

Also available from this colony is Orange Cat, a super friendly nice big ol' marmalade guy.

We'd really like to be able to place these cats in homes! Please email to apply.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Lenny was rescued from the Parkview Katz colony by caretaker Aimee, who couldn't leave this handsome muffin out in the cold. Fosterdad Michael says "As I get dressed each morning Lenny slithers figure-8s through my legs, giving a charge (and sometimes a shock!) to my step. Lenny is definitely a lap cat and, like a dog, he loves all the affection he can get. When I reach down to give him a treat he nuzzles my hand instead of taking it. He's warm with strangers and children and doesn't mind being picked up or handled. Lenny isn't too athletic but he's certainly playful. He's mostly quiet but speaks up and purrs when he feels comfortable or especially in need of some caress. He loves napping in the sun and hiding behind the couch. Lenny would be a handsome and affectionate addition to any home." Thanks to Fosterdad on his very first foster outing -- keep up the good work!

Thanks to Janet, Vijay and Nemo for the donation of big bags of dry food and to Juliet and Rose for the box of stinky nom wet foods. We appreciate your donations of fud for the kittehs!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy endings: Eko and Sawyer

Just got an email from the adopters of Eko and Sawyer, two kittens born under a car in May of 2010. Them as babies with fostermom Melissa. Above -- them now, named Ada and Pippen! Happy life, kitties!

Thanks Elizabeth F. for the litterbox donation.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Laffey is a playful, frisky, inquisitive and adorable young cat. He was turned into the high-kill facility in NW Indiana from whom we have rescued several cats over the years. He's about six months old, and so excited to learn all he can about the world! He is fascinated by water, and loves to be close to his human family -- so when his fosterkids are having a bath, he will pop up
with his front paws resting on the rim of the tub and look in. Another favorite spot of his is right by the kitchen sink, with his paws crossed over the edge - there he waits patiently for someone to start
washing some plates.

He is gentle and patient with children (his fosterkids are aged 5 and 2). He does get in very playful moods, when he loves to pounce on the little ones - - or on any passing leg -- from his hiding spot under a chair or table - but he never uses his claws, so we know he means well! He also LOVES to chase and catch small balls and toys that we throw across the room for him.
His bed of choice is wherever a person is sleeping and when one of his human family sits at the computer, Laffey is never far off - he rather likes the feel of the keyboard under his paws.

Laffey is neutered, neg/neg, vaxed, has excellent litterbox habits and a hearty appetite, and is seeking a forever home where he can play and grow up into the wonderful cat he is sure to be.

RIP Finnegan

Finnegan, the beloved cat of Mandy and Kristel, died suddenly the other night. He wasn't one of our placements but rather a prototype , having been found in a Hyde Park alley before our organization existed. Finn was a Character, a real Hyde Parker. He was widely famous for his huge personality and his extreme ... well, his extreme cat-ness, really. Here he is, eighteen pounds of cat curled up in a lap. He sometimes managed this even when a laptop was perched on the knee. Commitment, they call it... RIP Finnegan, and may you find the Rainbow Bridge up to your exacting standards.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

RIP Pixie

Pixie, a handsome long-haired orange and white male, was one of the original cats in the MJK alley. For years, he was a regular presence, part of the core group, nicknamed “the sheriff” due to his diligence in chasing away unfriendly cats. Then, at the beginning of the winter, he disappeared. A few weeks ago, Pixie returned to the alley, gaunt and filthy, (we wonder if he was trapped in a basement or a garage). He then vanished again until yesterday when his body was found close to his old familiar haunts.

This photo of Pixie was seen in the 2011 Calendar.

Pixie was probably at least five years old, a relatively long life for an outdoor cat. And, until the last few months, he enjoyed a healthy, happy life. RIP Pixie, and happy trails romping with the other Hyde Park Cats who crossed the Rainbow Bridge before you, especially your colony mates Mona, Felix, and Dana.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Ellis and Bootsy

Ellis and Bootsy: named after two of the members of James Brown's band the J.B.s, these kitties are indeed funky (in a good way!). Ellis is extremely playful and curious. He's always up for playing with toys or his brother, but during down time likes to sit or sleep right next to you. He's got a beautiful, thick coat and regal build. Bootsy is incredibly snuggly and loving. He's totally content to sit on your lap or next to you with his head on your legs endlessly, with the occasional rolling over for belly scratches. He also loves to give you baths, watch TV, and play with his brother. They are an adorable, funny, and super loving pair who are shy with strangers but extremely affectionate with their fosterparents. They have adorable meows that they greet you with, particularly if food is on the way. They pose no problem with scratching, litterbox, etc., and are not picky eaters. Ellis and Bootsy must be adopted as a pair. To learn more, or to apply to adopt them, email


Check out the scary beginnings of these kittens, who were removed from an alley a few months ago. Good work, Team Kittens!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Post 1000

Readers ... this is the 1000th post on this blog. I started writing this blog in 2008 in order to raise money for the original alley site, and although I have often wished I were shorter on material, I have found there is always another cat just around the corner, waiting for her moment.

I think this may be my favorite blog post: A Day in the Life.

But I like these as well ...Rock a Bye ... Istria Cafe ... Afikomen ... and OMG Kittens. Best post ever is still pretty good ... and there are so many more blog posts I love filled with memories, both sweet and bitter.

Do you have a favorite blog post -- something that made you laugh? Or cry? Or the post where you saw your kitty-bashert (your fated kitty) for the first time? Leave a comment! I'd love to hear about it!

(pictured here is my own Hyde Park Cat: Akiba)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day from all of us to all the kitties!

Go to our Facebook page and post a Valentine to YOUR kitty ... especially if you have a Hyde Park Cats alum in your home!

pictured: Talullah, born in an alley south of the midway.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Fostermom Laura F. says Lynx is "talkative, gentle, calm, sleepy, patient. He tends to follow me around everywhere and likes to lay with us on the couch whenever we are there as well. He is mischievous in that he tries to steal food that I'm eating -- he'll also try to trick me into believing that I forgot to fed him. He is very calm, well behaved, and easy to take care of. My favorite parts about him are the dark spot on his nose and his meow, which is kind of like a short squeak!" Fostermom thinks 'Lynx' doesn't suit this handsome man, and invites interested parties to come meet him and see for themselves.

Lynx was found by one of our alley feeders, Diane H. He was quite dirty, unfixed, and followed Diane down the street. So of course she got her cat trap and set it, and he walked right in, easy peasy. Lynx spent a couple nights in Susan C.'s basement until he could be seen at the vet clinic. Readers, if you have a basement we can use for overnighters, let us know!

Thanks to Leslie S., Louise L., and Vicky A. for postering! If you want to put up some posters, please let us know by emailing We regularly hear that adopters find out about us through old-fashioned paper posters, so even if you only have time to hit one building, you might just find a cat a new home.

Bake Sale/Adoption Event -- today!

A Natural Dog & Cat Market, 1342 E. 55th St.

Hyde Park Cats Bake Sale and Adoption Event
  • bake sale and info table: 10:30 am -- 3 pm (including a gluten-free nom!)!!!
  • adoptable cats live in the store: 12-3.
  • adoptables binder to look at and reps to chat with about our org, our cats, and how you can get involved
  • fire sale on HPCats calendars -- only $1!

    Thanks to Mike H. for the donation and Joan P. for the food! And special thanks to Katie, Kyle, Bobbie, and the Parkers' staff for hosting our Adoption Event/Bake Sale!
  • Thursday, February 9, 2012


    Elphie originally came from Tanya's tribe on 67th and Cornell, where she made it known that she very much wanted an inside home. She's an explorer who enjoys finding exciting high places to perch; she plays with her fosterbrother cat, and they particularly Iike to run back and forth down the hall. Fostermom says " Elphie still acts very much like a kitten. She hasn't been shy at all around roommates and people that come over. I hope somebody wants to meet her soon!"

    Elphie is about a year old, spayed, neg/neg, etc. She is also a particularly beautiful girl with gorgeous eyes and an adorable "beauty mark" on her face. Elphie has been through some rough things and is seeking a loving forever home.

    To apply to adopt Elphie, email

    Don't forget we are having a Bake Sale and Adoption Event this weekend!

    Tuesday, February 7, 2012

    Meeka Comes In

    Meeka has been haunting the alley chez Eevie, around 58th at Washington Park (MLK Drive) for months. Months! But every time we had an open foster spot, Meeka was nowhere to be found. So it was a pleasant surprise to get a text yesterday morning -- "I have Meeka!" She's a little stinky right now but so so pretty, and purrs and gives head butts when petted. Mazel tov, Eevie, and welcome to Hyde Park Cats, Meeka!

    Monday, February 6, 2012


    It's been a weird and busy weekend at Hyde Park Cats! One of our kittens, Aurelia, went to a wonderful furrever home. We also have been moving some new intakes in -- cats who you'll be hearing about soon, wonderful tiger boycats Lynx, Picasso, and Tucker! We dealt with some sick colony cats (update to come), are helping a community member who found a pregnant cat last night at 11 p.m., and also got this kitty, pictured, some vet care.

    Sadie is a very friendly cat who approached Hana H. for help. Sadie has some bad wounds on her back and sides and toe pads (wounds not visible in photo). The vet who saw her thinks she got up in a car engine on a cold day and was burned. She is very skinny, very hungry. (There is nothing wrong with her leg, she's just lying funny.)

    Poor Sadie is still very skinny and very hungry, and maybe a little shocked from whatever happened to her. Fostermom Hana is applying topical cream to the ouchies and giving antibiotics, and says Sadie is sweet and loving despite her obvious discomfort. The good news is she's spayed, vaccinated, neg/neg, and should make a full recovery! Would you like to give this beauty a wonderful, comfortable, safe home? Email

    Friday, February 3, 2012


    Picasso is a very loving male cat from the Liliana alley. When brought in, Picasso proved to have three problems: he had a bleeding wound on his leg (treated at the vet); he was ravenously hungry (treated with generous meals); he was desperate for love and attention. He is incredibly sweet and affectionate and just starved for love. This photo was taken when Picasso just came in; he had a wound on his foreleg which is now just about healed and he's doing a good job of cleaning himself up and making himself fancy, now that he is no longer outside.

    He is now in his fosterhome where fostermom Lindsey says he is a "super loving lapcat lovebug." More to come!

    To apply to adopt Picasso, email

    Wednesday, February 1, 2012

    Valentine's Weekend Events

    Valentine's weekend at PARKERS, A Natural Dog and Cat Market

    SATURDAY, Feb. 11 DOG DAY!
  • $10 dog baths by volunteers to benefit the Trio Animal Foundation!
  • treats, samples and coupons for dog stuff!
  • dog paw painting and Valentines' card making!

    SUNDAY, Feb. 12 CAT DAY! :

    Hyde Park Cats Bake Sale and Adoption Event

  • bake sale and info table: 10:30 am -- 3 pm (including a gluten-free nom!)!!! Lots of delicious baked noms!
  • adoptable cats live in the store: 12-3
  • fire sale on HPCats calendars -- only $1!

    Thanks to Parkers Market for hosting our event. Please write to for a PDF of our poster -- community members can't buy our noms or adopt a cat if they don't know about our event.