Thursday, February 16, 2012

Post 1000

Readers ... this is the 1000th post on this blog. I started writing this blog in 2008 in order to raise money for the original alley site, and although I have often wished I were shorter on material, I have found there is always another cat just around the corner, waiting for her moment.

I think this may be my favorite blog post: A Day in the Life.

But I like these as well ...Rock a Bye ... Istria Cafe ... Afikomen ... and OMG Kittens. Best post ever is still pretty good ... and there are so many more blog posts I love filled with memories, both sweet and bitter.

Do you have a favorite blog post -- something that made you laugh? Or cry? Or the post where you saw your kitty-bashert (your fated kitty) for the first time? Leave a comment! I'd love to hear about it!

(pictured here is my own Hyde Park Cat: Akiba)


Martha said...

Mazal Tov on Post 1,000. May you and HPC go from strength to strength. The posts that hooked me into following this blog were those about ORI. The happy ending to that saga was almost too perfect.

lilolady said...

1000 - each so special. Thank you daughter, for caring - and for doing. All the stories touched, but for me, these stand out: Nadia (RIP), Free Cat aka Harper and Little Mountain Lion, Construction Cats, Roger, Rosemarie, the antics of Heather S, UHAUL and Capt Jack Sparrow who so reminded of your beloved Mr. Chagall. And to all you HPCers who make this blog a reality - thank you.

Olivia said...

These were my 2 all-time favorite stories:

Harper aka Free Cat

and Cornflakes

Both stories demonstrate the singular joys and sorrows of cat rescue and also how HPC has really forged its own community of dedicated like-minded souls.

Cats Watchers said...

Terren: You're the only blogger on the whole internets that I follow. Happy 1000th post. Paul

carlsoki said...

Yay! Congrats! Hmm, I would say those posts about the freeway kitty rescues were pretty amazing! Seriously though every post is inspiring, and every post has me wanting to adopt even more fur butts!