Monday, December 6, 2010

Round up

Please join us for a meatball-making party on Saturday afternoon, December 11th (time and location TBD)! The meatballs will be donated to the dogs at the Animal Welfare League's intake facility during our visit there the following day. If you're interested in participating, email Kim at (kriosmorrison) @ (

We've had some wonderful adoptions take place in the last few weeks! Zucca went home. Ginger went home after her forevermom met her and fell in love during our adoption event. Kalla and Rain went home together, heart. Brothers Ramses and Tut are going home together to live with a little human boy. Arancio, aka George, is a "victim" of fosterfailure and is staying put. Louis le Roi and Jada went from their cages at AWL to our fosterhome to forever homes! Sibs Cassie and Kio, home. Siegel found a fantastic home (we laughed when we had to call the President of the AntiCruelty Society for a reference!). And most amazingly, orange sibs Charlie and Ruthie, who were living outside in Kenwood, have found an indoor home together.

We still have cats and kittens available for adoption, of course, like siblings Cleo and Darius, pictured here canoodling.

Thanks Madalyn Z. for the cat scratchers and the food! Thanks you very much to recent donors Margaret B., Mamiko S., Crystal and Michele M. for the money.


Anonymous said...

A most inspiring post encompassing creative helpful things HPC does, wonderful outcome via foster and adoption, kindness of donations, and the ongoing interesting tale telling of the postings.

Zoe said...

Wonderful work, HPCers! I have been so impressed as I read the blog posts and facebook updates about the amazing work you all have been doing, especially that past few weeks. Bravo!