Monday, December 13, 2010


Lucia was found in a backyard in Hegewich (132nd Street) and brought to MJK, our MJK Alley feeder. She has a serious wound. She is currently in a bathroom, very happy to be out of the elements. She is quite underweight but eating now. She purrs upon touch. We are making veterinary arrangements right now. If you'd like to donate to helping this beautiful and friendly cat, please use our Paypal button, or email us for a location to send a check (

Lydia, the one-eyed cat we found this summer, is in her loving forever home. We can do the same for Lucia (found on Lucia Day, December 13).


12:37pm, Tree House will admit Lucia, but we will pledge towards her care. Thank you Treehouse! Lucia is in the car right now. Your donations are still very welcome so that we can help this little beauty whose only desire is to be held and loved. We will update with the vet's assessment as soon as more information is available.


Ruth said...

What a beautiful name for a beautiful cat. Paws crossed for Lucia's safe treatment and swift passage into a loving home. And kudos, as ever, to MJK and the kind people who brought Lucia to her attention.

bundeleh said...

Lucia just tested negative for FIV so Treehouse can admit her. Still awaiting eye prognosis.

Anonymous said...

Maybe repost Lydia - on facebook -to show how beautiful a one eyed cat can be, after all she is beautiful enough to inspire a tile pattern! Lucia is already beautiful, can we imagine her after she recouperates!
That MJK - just wonderful

Cats Watchers said...

Lucia looks a bit like Arnold Schwartzenegger in one of the final scenes of the Terminator, if Arnold Schwartzenegger weighed 4 lbs, had four legs and gray hair.

lakshmi said...

poor baby! every time i see her photo, my heart breaks. wish i could have donated more.

Anonymous said...

Oh No....poor Lucia. She is definitely going to need a pirates patch. Definitely needs to be indoors or she could get hit by a car outside. She is gorgeous still. If I did not have 3 already, we would take her in a second!