Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Last year we took in a beautiful tiger and white boy named Hoppy. LAST YEAR! Hoppy was brought to the PAWS Chicago adoption program ... where he is, still. Hoppy is a beautiful, playful, loving boy. He needs some sensitive-stomach food, which is apparently holding him back from finding a forever home. Can you help us get Hoppy a home for Christmas? He's been waiting over a year! He is available for immediate adoption through PAWS Chicago.

Hoppy's info at PAWS

Previous Hoppy posts (scroll through)


Anonymous said...

Hoppy's previous posts got no comments and yet he looks to be the sweetest good cat ever!

We can add patience to the Hoppy profile for he keeps his optimistic countenance while being overlooked.

Have a Merry Christmas, Hoppy, and best prospects for a fulfilling pet-of-the-house 2011.

ainat said...

Sensitive stomach food is not outrageously expensive! He could only need a grain-free food or one of the mid-range sensitive stomach foods at Petsmart ($15 a bag). It just entails making the effort to get the right food for him.

It would make us so happy if someone would go to PAWS to adopt this guy!

Sophie W. said...

Hoppy was the reason I decided to foster for HPC. I saw his little face and fell in love. If only I knew I could keep a cat, I'd run all the way to PAWS and bring him home...

techeduk8r said...

Do we know what type of special food? My boys are on Science Diet c/d.