Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

This New Year's Eve, cats and kittens in our fosterspaces -- like orange boys Julius and Rigoli, who came in from the cold thanks to a caring Chicago city police officer -- await forever homes.

Pretty, a shy kitty from Champagne-Furbana, is inside and learning to love this New Year's Eve.

This New Year's Eve, we remember the kitties we said goodbye to in 2010: Adm. Adama, Mona, Spalding, Nadia, Willa, Freckles, Maxime et Maurice, Esther's third, and those who never had a name.

This New Year's Eve black and white cats like Carmen, who fostermom Katherine G. calls "the most adoptable cat ever," or lovable couch potato Leo Leonni, await forever homes.

This New Year's Eve, our alley cats are eating.

This New Year's Eve kittens like Cleo and Darius and Ray and the five cuties we're about to unveil all await their forever homes.

This New Year's Eve beautiful black cats like Lola, Madison, and Kenya await their forever homes.

This New Year's Eve, rescued one-eyed cats Lydia and Lucia Clara rest easy.

This New Year's Eve, all the kitties who were adopted from us in 2010 are curling up with their forevermom, or foreverdad, or foreverkids, with the memory of their outdoor life behind them.

This New Year's Eve, homeless cats out on the street are cold and hungry.

May 2011 bring us many more opportunities to rescue cats, yet fewer cats to rescue.


lilolady said...

Thank you Hyde Park Cats for elevating *my* 2010 wathcing all your selfless work on behalf all the innocents you have aided.

Happy New Year to you all

All the cats who have been helped in 2010 said...

Thanks in particular to Terren, Ainat, Mary-Jean and Diane who do so much of the core work of Hyde Park Cats.

Martha said...

All of you at HPC are an inspiration to those of us who work to help kitties in other cities. You remind us daily that the mark of a strong community is one in which no-one, animal or human, is alone or homeless. Yasher koach to each and every one of involved in this incredible organization. May each of you have a wonderful 2011.

Diane H said...

I toasted the new year with Peanut's forever family. He was cozy under the Christmas tree while we crazy humans popped corks and wore silly hats. Thank you for reminding us of the work we do and what is possible.