Saturday, December 11, 2010


Sometimes people say they don't want a former alley cat or street cat--they only want a "house cat." We believe that all our kitties can be, and want to be, wonderful housecats, if given a chance. During the time they live in a fosterhome, fosterfamily makes sure to expose our kitties to the sights, sounds, and smells of a household and to start training the kitties on basic household etiquette such as using a scratching post and not lounging on the kitchen counter. Of course it's an imperfect art, but here we have some photos of recently adopted cats struggling to adapt to their new environments ...

Jada attempting to find love

Peanut can hardly understand how to sleep on the warm cable box

Kalla, now Kona, trying to get this 'catitat' idea

Rain, now Mordechai, struggling to get a handle on how to play with a toy


Ruth said...

It's hard work making that transition but I hope the HPC cats keep on trying ...
The street cat / house cat distinction makes little sense given that so many of the cats we find on the street WERE house cats who were thrown out or left behind or dumped or separated from their family for some other reason.

Olivia said...

First, I am thrilled to see Jada doing so well!

Second, I agree completely with you, Ruth! Jada was an owner-surrender (at 7 months old, already declawed!) and I have met many pre-neutered stray cats (and a few declawed strays, too). The cats didn't neuter themselves, you know.

My guess is that partly the cats are indeed adjusting to their new TLC, but also some of these dumpees were not given proper attention before being given up/separated/dumped.....but now they have their own happy endings and hopefully are learning to 'adjust' to some good treatment!

Finally, I commend all of the people who take in and rehome these warms my heart to know that there is always room for a second chance.