Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Effi is a gorgeous young grayish/tiger man who followed some students home. Without a tag or microchip, and with no owner stepping forward, Effi joins the legions of stray cats who are demanding their right to a loving home. Fosterdad Chris writes that "he loves attention and he is the biggest lap cat ever. If I am working at my desk he will jump up on my lap between me and the computer and sit there while I type, nuzzling and purring. He also loves tummy rubs and lets you know he wants one by rolling over onto his back and lying there. He does this cute thing where he stretches out one arm at a time while you pet his belly. He is an aggressive nuzzler and purrs a lot." He's not the most playful cat ever, but Effi is a talkative kitty with a repetoire of meows, chirps, purrs; when fosterdad comes home, Effi is at the door meowing and talking. He likes rubbing against ankles, and all around is affectionate and happy to see people. Adopt him!


Ruth said...

Aggressive nuzzling - I love it - both the term and the reality!

Ainat said...

I've been scanning the purebred cat sites because Effi has the most amazing puma eyes and beautiful and soft, grey coat, but I've found no breed with his looks. His eyes are not round(but triangular) and he has a pronounced brow and oversized ears. This gives him an intense wild look although his nature is sweet and gentle. He may be a breed onto himself.