Friday, December 31, 2010

Los Gatos

Oh no! You forgot to buy your 2011 Hyde Park Cats calendar? We're all sold out. Lucky for you, you can get a fantastic calendar made by our Chicago neighbor and partner-in-cat-rescue, Yvette, who recently travelled to Argentina. While there she worked on helping the cats in Buenos Aires.

Thanks to some end-of-year donors: to Lydia K., at the the behest of Meng Ning in lieu of payment for her cat-sitting services; to Amy M., the adopter of Sweet Pea (and to her friend Megan H. for facilitating); and to Yoko K., who adopted Tapioca last year.


Ruth said...

Yvette - I'd like to make a donation to these great cats and the women taking care of them - spay and neuter seems especially urgent in this context! But I don't want to use Paypal and ChipIn is linked to that. Is there any alternative way of donating? Can I send a check to you, for example?

bundeleh said...

I can send on Yvette's email on request.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to Megan for donating to HPC as a Christmas gift to me.

Happy New Year to the wonderful crew at HPC who work so hard to help cats in need.

--Amy M. (& the cat formerly known as Sweet Pea)

Yvette said...

Thank you Terren for posting this.
If anyone has any questions feel free to message me privately.