Sunday, February 12, 2012


Fostermom Laura F. says Lynx is "talkative, gentle, calm, sleepy, patient. He tends to follow me around everywhere and likes to lay with us on the couch whenever we are there as well. He is mischievous in that he tries to steal food that I'm eating -- he'll also try to trick me into believing that I forgot to fed him. He is very calm, well behaved, and easy to take care of. My favorite parts about him are the dark spot on his nose and his meow, which is kind of like a short squeak!" Fostermom thinks 'Lynx' doesn't suit this handsome man, and invites interested parties to come meet him and see for themselves.

Lynx was found by one of our alley feeders, Diane H. He was quite dirty, unfixed, and followed Diane down the street. So of course she got her cat trap and set it, and he walked right in, easy peasy. Lynx spent a couple nights in Susan C.'s basement until he could be seen at the vet clinic. Readers, if you have a basement we can use for overnighters, let us know!

Thanks to Leslie S., Louise L., and Vicky A. for postering! If you want to put up some posters, please let us know by emailing We regularly hear that adopters find out about us through old-fashioned paper posters, so even if you only have time to hit one building, you might just find a cat a new home.


Diane H said...

Cats who have known hunger on the street keep that scavenging habit. Guard your food!

I still love those gigantic paws!

Laura said...

Lynx just doesn't suit this cat...I don't know why, it just doesn't roll off my tongue when I see him.

I've taken to calling him "Tiramisu" or "Misu" for short (I've been waiting to call a cat Tiramisu and he's just the right color.

But of course, if you adopt him, you can decide!