Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kitten at 65/Woodlawn

Over the weekend our medical-care coordinator, Laura, received a call from a woman whose neighbor had found a very small kitten at 65th and Woodlawn. The kitten was panting, felt cold, and was covered with fleas. She held it up to the phone and Laura could hear it crying.

We managed to get our special kitten-savin' volunteer Megg over to the kitten, and Megg took it home. Megg said "it was indeed cold and crying in a disturbing way (like the deeply injured kind of yowl), and extremely dirty. I warmed it up and started on sugar syrup, eventually got up to syringe and then bottlefeeding goat milk. It was happy to take up residence inside my shirt and seemed to be improving up til around midnight--stopped crying, etc. Then it started yowling a little and stopped breathing. Started breathing again when rubbed, but ultimately let go. It seemed to be three or four weeks old (standing ears, mostly open eyes)."

It seems that Mamacat was taken to or picked up by Animal Care and Control, and this little one was left behind. Sadly, it was found too late (or perhaps had an underlying issue) and had been cold and hungry for too long.

Thanks to Laura for coordinating care, to the caring finders whose names I never got, and to Megg and her son, who gave this tiny soul a last few hours of cozy. RIP tiny kitten.


Louise said...

So sorry to hear that, but thanks so much to Megg and her son. It's so, so wonderful of you to fill the last hours of that tiny soul with comfort and love, even at the cost of heartbreak to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you so much Megg for giving that poor kitten some comfort in his final hours.