Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Tabe is a young male cat, about a year old. Recently neutered and virus tested, he's a slender fella who is pretty quiet and, while he loves exploring, is a real cuddler and lover. Tabe was rescued from the street by a community member, Antonia, who agreed to foster him while we look for a forever home. That's the best way to help a homeless cat, readers -- agree to foster the one you found!

More pix of Tabe in our Facebook album of adoptable cats (you don't need to be on Facebook to view it).

Thanks to Anna F., Angela J., Mike R., and Martha B. for their support of Freddie, who has lost his life-long place as a therapy cat in a home for mentally ill adults. We have not received any adoption inquiries on him. Readers, spread the word!

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Louise said...

My goodness, what a striking cat! He looks like a jaguar!