Friday, June 24, 2011


Handsome Kenwood was found hiding under a bush, hungry and scared, in an urban (for Hyde Park) yard where two big dogs lived. He's now neutered, neg/neg on virus, and looking for a home. He sometimes seems to limp a bit. This young stripey man is VERY affectionate and loves people. He would love a home of his own and promises you all the love you want, if you will only give him some scratches and pets. It sounds like a bargain to me.

Maryland readers? Check out my sister's fosterkittens. Hideously uncute, require loving homes.


Ruth said...

What a handsome boy. And named after my street too.

lilolady said...

Those Maryland kittens? Cute? YES, hideously SO.

Martha said...

Classic tabby fans, adopt Kenwood! He is gorgeous.