Tuesday, June 28, 2011

HPC at 4th on 53rd

Join us on Monday July 4th for the Hyde Park 4th on 53rd Parade!

In this annual event, a parade of citizens and community groups "marches" a short route through HP and ends up in Nichols Park, where family activities are held. This annual event brings out folks from all corners of our neighborhood--and beyond. This is a great opportunity for us to get our name out there, and, we hope, bring in new volunteers, new foster families, new adopters!

We're looking for a good group of volunteers to march, and afterwards, we're hoping to do a little socializing at Nichols Park. If you march with us, you get one of our nifty new buttons to wear--free (design is the image above)! (We're going to be selling them later for $1). To march, you just have to have a good attitude and help us pass out our cards or bookmarks to people on the street.

It's really a fun event. Kids decorate their trikes and bikes, and anybody can and does march! There are also floats, horses, decorated dogs, etc. The route is not too long and then Nichols Park has music, games, a bouncer, food for sale, and just good old-fashioned community fun. Popsicles! Ice cream! Excitement! Coma-like afternoon nap!


  • Show up in the parking lot behind the Hyde Park Bank Building (53rd off Lake Park) at 9 am (or find us while marching. Bring a water bottle.
  • RSVP to hydeparkcats@gmail.com so we have some idea of who is coming. Last-minute marchers are very welcome!
  • Be prepared to walk, scooter, powerchair, or roller-skate (etc) about a mile. Dogs and miniature ponies welcome (no cats).

    A big PURRY THANKS to BROOKE at United Fulfillment for the fantastic design for our buttons!

    Martha said...

    The ear tip on the logo is a fabulous touch!

    Laura said...

    My parents are visiting this weekend and I am not sure I can convince them to march with HPC...but we will probably be at the parade cheering you guys on at least!

    Yvonne said...

    The ear tip is priceless. Any chance you guys will be making tee shirts with your sweet new logo?

    K said...

    I definitely want some of those buttons!