Monday, June 13, 2011

Breaking News: Dogfighting bust

BREAKING CHICAGO NEWS via Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue. Six dogs taken in from a dogfighting bust.

This picture illustrates how dogfighters get pitbulls to fight: they keep them starved, secluded, tortured. I know it is hard to look at. Please look at it.

Pitbulls are pets. Dogfighters are monsters.

There are six dogs in total from this bust where this girl was found.

CBBR is seeking donations, but they first have to find some foster homes, one or more of which must be willing to commit to long-term rehab for one or more of these poor dogs. Two dogs are just puppies. This red girl may not make it.

Please visit CBBR to donate or to get a foster application. CBBR can't rescue dogs if they have nowhere to put dogs.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Hyde Park Cats, for sharing this terrible story. CBBR is mounting a rescue operation as I type. What we need most are responsible foster homes who are willing to sign on to help rehab these dogs. All dogs will be carefully assessed before placement, but it is expected that the adults dogs may have significant aggression toward animals. Foster homes need to be prepared to keep their new rescue dog separate from pets and kids for some time, and to work with the dog daily to increase its socialization skills. The two puppies involved are likely to be easy to foster and are not expected to have serious animal aggression problems. If you're not up to rehabbing a fighting dog, there are dozens of other deserving pitties just sitting in local pounds waiting for rescue--we can arrange that, too. If you think you might like to help, please contact CBBR through our website.

lilolady said...

That should read "Heart Breaking News"

K said...

It makes me so so angry that whoever it was imprisoning her had the slightest amount of compassion to give her something soft, but not enough to stop making her fight. This monster was made into a monster, not someone wholly lacking in empathy.

If we had the space and time, I'd take a pittie in a heartbeat.

c.j.h. said...

That picture. The poor dog. I'm almost afraid to ask...did she make it?

bundeleh said...

These dogs are still being held by the courts. CBBR is advocating for them.