Friday, June 17, 2011

Cantor Evan

Fostermom Laura writes that "Evan has settled into his new fosterhome. He likes to walk around and purr and occasionally whine if I don't feed him exactly on time. He is a very cuddly cat and one who loves to lay around all day. Everyone thinks he's adorable and he has been a perfect gentleman to all guests. He's a real sweetie. I've taken to calling him Cantor (currently he doesn't respond to either)." The question is, is he Evan surname Cantor or is he a Cantor -- Cantor Evan? I'm going with Cantor Evan. Shabbat shalom!

Evan was living rough around 62 and Cottage Grove when his caretaker asked us to help him. He has a chronic but very manageable disease (FIV). He has become very sleek, look at this picture! He is good with children and is seeking a forever home of his own ...

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Ruth said...

Evan has scrubbed up beautifully - he looks so elegant now and that color divide down his expressive face is fantastic. What a fabulous story.