Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pudgy kitties

Thanks to Megan and to Aw Yeah Pudgy Kitties! for posting two of our chubby adoptables, Domino and Buckley.

Yes, this is a tumblr dedicated to catpudge. And look who's pudgy now! It's Sophie ... yes that's right ... SKINNYMOM is a pudgy cat now. This makes us so satisfied and happy--Skinnymom is pudgy!

And also thanks to Danna, who was Sophie's original fostermom. Danna is finishing her studies in Hyde Park and selling her stuff--and just donated her earnings. Thanks for the donation, Danna, but more than that, purrs and biscuits for and from all the cats and kittens you have personally helped save from death or a life on the streets.


Ruth said...

Sorry you are leaving Danna - I know you looked after Shanah too. He and many other HPC cats owe you alot.

Sophie W also played a huge role in Sophie mama's care - and that of her 6 babies.

Ainat said...

Thank you Danna! We are so sorry to lose you as a foster mom. :(

Sarah said...

Yeah Buckley! I am so proud of the fatty he's become--just more of him to love! (Spoken like a true fostermom!)

Anonymous said...

Triple thank you to all of Sophie's fosters--Danna, Sophie, and Tameka! Soph is trying to help me type this out and sends lots of purrs--and some fur, as she's hopefully finishing her summer shed.
Y'all are so awesome, thanks so much for all you do!

--Megan & Sophie-cat

Sophie W. said...

Well, now I am weepy. Look at how amazing Sophie-cat looks! I'm so happy for her and her new forever family!