Friday, December 17, 2010


On Saturday (Dec. 11) Marienne and MJK, caretakers of the MJK alley, made the difficult decision that it was time to let Mona go. She had been brought in to Tree House for booster shots and assessment, and the vet reported that her mouth was "toxic" with sores and pus, that she was profoundly dehydrated, and that she had a serious heart murmur (5/6). In addition, her coat was so seriously matted that it would have required shaving. The vet said that she was in considerable pain due to the condition of her mouth and that her heart condition would be fatal. Under those circumstances, euthanization was the only humane option, and she died peacefully as MJK held her head. MJK writes, "I am terribly sad, but also greatly relieved that we were able to spare her more suffering and that we were spared the horror of finding her frozen one day. Both Marienne and I loved this brave little cat who survived nearly three years with FIV. Her courage and pluck are an inspiration."

Mona when we trapped her to be spayed, June 2008.

Goodbye, Mona. We salute you, you brave and beautiful girl; and we are glad we could give you what we could.


lilolady said...

June 2008: We hope that Mona can stay healthy for a long time now that she is spayed -- she won't have to use her resources on pregnancy and nursing. We'll try to keep an extra eye on her and watch for illness.

Bravo HPC! And thanks for that extra watchfulness to assure Mona reaped only your kindness. Thanks MJK and Marienne for caring enough to do the hardest part.

Anonymous said...

R.I.P. Mona, and condolences to her caretakers, who obviously truly cared for her.