Friday, June 20, 2008

Meet Luka, Mona, and Pixie!

Top to bottom, we have Luka, a male; Mona, a female; and Pixie, another male. They had spay/neuter surgery at The Anti-Cruelty Society and are currently in post-surgery recovery.

Sadly, we discovered that Mona is FIV+. You can learn more about FIV, or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, here. FIV is fairly common among feral cats, but moreso among the males. We hope that Mona can stay healthy for a long time now that she is spayed -- she won't have to use her resources on pregnancy and nursing. We'll try to keep an extra eye on her and watch for illness.

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Anonymous said...

Hi- I'm a Hyde Park resident, and I have two adult stray cats and three kittens living in our apartment's backyard. I'd love to get them spayed/neutered, and maybe have the kittens adopted, but I'm not sure how to go about trapping them. I also can't keep them in my house long if I do trap them, because my husband is very allergic and I have a dog. If you could give me some advice, or even have someone help out with trapping them, I'd be happy to drive them to the Anti-Cruelty Society and pay for the surgery. I might also be able to help drive other cats in the future. If you think you can help, please e-mail me at